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SS 2018


Sahar Speaks: Voices of Women from Afghanistan

15 - 16 October 2017


SS 2017

Continuing its focus on new work and our commitment to giving voice to women, in 2017 Palindrome Productions presented three new short plays, based on work by Afghan women journalists from the Sahar Speaks programme at Theatre 503.

These brave new works reflect on daily life for women in Afghanistan, including their struggles and triumphs, from dressing as a boy in order to go to school and have an education, to forced marriage as a child. 


Each performance featured an AfterWords: A Post-Performance discussion with a panel of specialists on Afghanistan.


Cast & Creatives

Playwrights: Sonali Bhattacharyya, Yasmin Joseph, Aisha Zia

Artistic Director: Lesley Ferris


Directors: Jennifer Bakst, Rachel Valentine Smith, Robyn Winfield-Smith

Actors: Mona Khallili, Rasheeda Ali, Annice Boparai, Gehane Strehler, Nigarish Khan

Costume: Valerie Keneko Lucas

Sound Design: Ellie Isherwood

Producer: Kate Sawyer


Press for Sahar Speaks

                            BBC Persia Feature 

featuring Artistic Director Lesley Ferris

BBC Persia footge of Sahar Speaks at Theatre503
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